Metrology Solutions

Independent Verification and Calibration Services.


From planning to certification. Excellence throughout.

Independent Verification and Calibration Services.

Performance verification of almost any co-ordinate measuring device and co-ordinate measuring machines (CMM).
  • Independent third-party advice
  • Reduce your calibration costs
  • Affordable certification
  • Extensive experience you can depend on
  • Recalibration and repair service

Independent third-party advice

INNOMEGA offer an independent and reliable second opinion on the performance of your Co-ordinate Measuring Machine (CMM).
Before investing in new or used equipment, you may also prefer the security of an independent statement of quality, or even our professional advice on what machinery to look for which best fits your company’s needs. With our extensive experience and low overheads, INNOMEGA is sure to satisfy your exacting requirements as well as your budget.


Affordable certification

When selling your existing system as part of an upgrade, it makes sense to include a certificate of performance. With INNOMEGA you can procure one at an affordable rate.


Reduce your calibration costs

Multiple call-out and service charges for testing and calibrating different brands of machinery for each manufacturer can be exorbitant. INNOMEGA delivers a one-stop-shop, with on-site multiple verifications across a wide range of machinery reducing your calibration costs and operational downtime.



Recalibration and Repair Service

As long as your system is not locked by the manufacturer, INNOMEGA can carry out repair and recalibration of your defective system. In order to carry out this service, full access to necessary software and data files is required.


Extensive experience you can depend on

Single Sensor, Multi Sensor, optical or Touch Probe, Laser or White Light Probe (either scanning or trigger) – we are experienced in verifying all of these according to VDI/VDE or ISO standards.
INNOMEGA uses certified equipment and reliable acknowledged procedures to establish real accuracy. We provide a true independent statement which is traceable to national and international Bureaus of Standards.

Rent a Measuring System.

With more than 35 years of metrology experience, INNOMEGA's team can supply you with the appropriate measuring device to help you certify a specific production process is accurate as required.
  • Vast experience across many brands
  • A solution within your budget
  • Solid foundation and advanced training available
  • Skilled in manufacturing and prototyping

Protect your Capital

Investment in capital equipment like measurement instruments for a specific job is often cost-prohibitive, even for that one-off job which is highly lucrative but does not allow for investment in modern instruments to validate product quality during the process. With more than 35 years of metrology experience, INNOMEGA can supply you with the appropriate measuring device to help you certify a specific production process is accurate as required. 


Complete Service Offering

Using programmable fixture and multi-sensing devices allows fully automated measurement processes to be achieved even by shop floor operators or inexperienced personnel.


Assured Processes Using Established Standards

INNOMEGA delivers certified processes according to part specifications, using known industry standards and “Gauge Repeatability and Reliability (GR&R)” methods in advance to any shipment or installation. As a customer, you can ensure that any issues are resolved beforehand, and have confidence that the instrument will perform as expected.



Ease of Installation

INNOMEGA handles the shipping, installation, and setup on site, including calibration and verification of system precision. Gauge artifacts are used which are traceable to national standard laboratories. 


On-site Process Validation

Processes are proven by INNOMEGA using GR&R methods to certify the instrument performance on site. Before handover, practical usage is tested together with your operators. 


Support and Repair Services

In case of system failure, INNOMEGA provides trouble shooting and repair, to assure maximum uptime of your rented Measuring System. 

Micro-Inspection Lens Systems.

A full range of micro inspection lenses and camera adapters are available to satisfy any inspection requirement you may have.
  • Modernise your equipment instead of replacing
  • Extend your inspection capabilites
  • Reduce waste through superior upgrades

Efficient Upgrade Process

Benefit from our extensive experience of precision micro-inspection imaging with direct access to working solutions. By providing us with information about your inspection and magnification requirements, existing camera chip dimensions (or simply the camera model), we can provide you with a quality solution at a competive price.

Multiply Your Systems Potential

Alternatively, book a day of consultation with our imaging experts, and we will be happy to provide you with a wealth of knowledge and obligation-free quote.  

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